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Add credit to the kindness account

Keep growing the credit in the kindness account.

Sun Jan 29 2023

Lots of times, you may feel frustrated, fearful and may just want to lash out. Someone may not do exactly what you think they should do, or you would do or you expect to be done. You may have expectations and ways of doing things that may be not be met.

In those times, instead of lashing out, or commenting or calling it out or offending folks,…

  • pause, think, analyze and be aware of your thoughts
  • walk away for a few mins
  • think about how the size of the situation is small
  • the moment will pass
  • the damage caused by words will not

Let the moment, go by, it will turn out for the better.

Think of it as showing kindness and building the credit in the kindness account or bucket. It will slowly add up. People will feel comfortable. It will be noticed.

Kindness wins at the end. It will be your legacy.

Make the right choice.

  • Do you want to offend people for small things?
  • Do you want to show kindness and make them feel comfortable?

What makes for a better person and human being?

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