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You can call me /Sree-Nee/! 👋

Thirumalaa Srinivas

❣️ Tech + Design.

My personal quest in life is to be a polymath in tech and design, on the foundations of being a good husband, patient father and kind human being.

Professional Role.

I manage and lead the engineering team’s efforts in building the Design System for a Fortune 500 FinTech Enterprise company.


We produce accessible product building blocks to systematize design that enable developers and designers to build digital products, with economies of scale.

I love building communities inside enterprises, ensuring the best experience for digital creators in developers and designers.

Yes, sweating the details matters to me.

The following word bubbles are important for me.

Dev Experience, Design Engineering, Design Systems, Community, Evangelism, Dev Advocacy, docs, devrel, a11y

Personal Role.

I live in Austin, TX with my wife, son and pup-son 🐾.