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Why Astro matters now

Posted on:January 31, 2023

Astro is gaining a lot of steam as a web framework, especially with their new 2.0 annoucement.

Read the Astro 2.0 announcement here.

Astro highlights a few things at a high level.

So far

Leading up to now, we’ve needed solutions that solve for the following, really well.

Basically, all the features for personal digital gardens, and enterprise dev docs and design systems.

What have the options been so far?

All the Next options have been viable and served well.

The Astro game-changer

Island Architecture

Bringing your own framework, new take of progressive enhancement, SSR and speed lead to awesome possibilities and better UX.

Content from anywhere

Ability to pull content from anywhere like Markdown, MDX, API or CMS with SSR and SSG support makes it a complete offering.


Lots of modern front-end framework integration opportunities.

Ecosystem and deployment options seem encouraging as well.

Other notables

The open roadmap seems to make it more easy to follow and builds trust.

I am planning to use it for work to see how we can use Astro for design system docs portal bringing together various technologies, building an intuitive Authoring eXperience AX. Also, for comms methods in blogs, newsletter etc.

This website is built in Astro as well, at the time of writing this post!